Live Backgammon

While playing backgammon online is fun, there is nothing quite like playing live backgammon in the real world against physical human beings. The sights, smells and sounds simply cannot be replicated when playing online. Live real player backgammon can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the world, either indoors or outdoors.

You could have a friendly one-on-one game against a pal or family member down at the local café or down at the park, or you could compete against hundreds of other like-minded players in a multi-player tournament. These events usually take place at casino or at various other designated backgammon venues. Live backgammon tournaments take place around the world and they attract players from all over. If haven’t ever played real live backgammon, you really need to get out there and experience it first-hand.

You can share your stories with others and enjoy conversation with your opponents, something which is not always possible when playing online. Most backgammon players that we have encountered are really friendly and seem happy to interact. Two of the major differences that you will notice when playing live backgammon is that you won’t have an automatic pip counter, which means that you have to learn to keep a track of your pip count yourself. The more you play though, the more shortcuts you will eventually find and this will help you to keep a closer eye on your pip count.

One of the other major things that you will notice when playing real life backgammon is that it is possible for you or your opponent to make an illegal move. This is something that you simply wouldn’t be able to do when playing online backgammon. The software used today basically makes it impossible for you or your opponents to cheat online, or to make any ‘accidental’ illegal moves.

You basically have to be more vigilant when playing live backgammon because some players will try and pull the occasional illegal move right in front of your eyes and if you aren’t paying attention your opponent could end up winning this way. When playing live backgammon you can often compete for some huge cash prizes and/or trophies and taking part in frequent live backgammon against other real players is also a great way to improve your game.

Backgammon can be enjoyed when playing just for fun against a friend or family member and when playing in tournaments against the more competitive player. If you happen to find a backgammon club nearby, we can definitely recommend going along and checking it out. You will find that the backgammon community is generally really friendly. Don’t be afraid to ask the pros for help because most players will be more than happy to lend a guiding hand, especially if you are looking to improve your game. There are bound to be some backgammon meetings and events taking place in your nearest city, so why not pop along then next time you have the opportunity, especially if you are keen to learn more about this exciting game.